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Seniors Hotel – Iliaxtida in Kallithea (Tzitzifies)


• For elderly and lonely people
• For disabled people/ people with special needs
• Kidney patients under hemodialysis

The elderly hotel, Iliaxtida, is located in Tzitzifies, Kallithea and provides hospitality services for the elderly or lonely people, and people who need continued medical care (e.g. disabled people, kidney patients, etc.).

Seniors Hotel Iliaxtida
Seniors Hotel Iliaxtida

Our goal is to offer ideal living and living conditions in a warm, tranquil, family environment and to respond with respect and responsibility to the needs and individual requirements of everyone.

In the elderly hotel, Iliaxtida, you have the option of long and short-term leases with full stay, homemade board, cleanliness/neatness, care and 24-hour medical coverage.

We are located in a central and easily accessible location in Tzitzifies, Kallithea and we can reliably and safely take different situations. In any time of need, the elderly hotel, it is able to provide the corresponding special services.
Our desire is for our tenants to feel comfortable, secure and independent. Our rooms in Tzitzifies, Kallithea, are comfortable, deliberate and have been recently renovated. We also have room for events. Combined with the facilities offered at our hotel, they will offer you peace and relaxation.
Iliaxtida is a living approach to the good life and the pleasant daily living of the residents.